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the >>>>METAPHOR MIX ____ rotating music journal

i like mixing metaphors: it makes me feel badass

i think i'd like to learn to [ F L Y ]
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>>>> a b o u t :
or,   w h a t   a m   i   d o i n g   h e r e
This is the Metaphor Mix, a weekly music rotation run by niia. Basically, she uploads the music, you download the music, you listen to the music, you SUPPORT. THE. ARTISTS, you worship her like the dark goddess of music provision that she is. Rinse and repeat.  Not for use by pregnant women, the young, those with heart conditions, colds, noses, or the terminally sane.  If product gets into ears, (or eyes), you've got the right idea, keep going.  Do put in mouth.  Use only in well-ventillated areas.  Use care care when operating heavy machinery until you become familiar with product's effects.

Music (mp3s) is (are) uploaded into a [ G M A I L  A C C O U N T ] each week, on Sunday.  It's not my intention to delete anything, so I guess it's not really a music rotation so much as a collective.  But calling it "Metaphor Mix, the place where I upload more stuff to a Gmail account each week" ... doesn't really sound the same.  So a rotation it is.  Each week, I post which songs I've uploaded, the login information, (the account will always stay the same; the password will change each week so that people don't just, you know, check the account every Sunday and bypass the journal entirely), and what to expect next week. Sensical, yes?

Rotations will include a lot of Japanese rock, but will also include assorted genres of music in English, Korean, Chinese, Finnish, French German, Russian, and Tagalog, (in varying amounts).  I'll upload three songs at a time, something to the effect of one song of my choice, the song that is PERMANENTLY LODGED IN MY BRAIN that week, and one request, (or maybe two requests and one song of my choice, depending on how I feel), OR a special sparkly magical themed rotation with between four and eight songs.  And just so we're clear on this right now, the I'm not going to be rotating tons of Gackt/Dir en grey/Miyavi/whatever's popular right now just because it's popular.  I like those artists, but I'd like to see some other, less popular artists get some attention.

>>>> r u l e s :
or,   h o w   i t   w o r k s
• Join the community.  Posting access is restricted to yours truly, but I don't need to approve your membership or anything.
• Comment if you take anything.  Thank me.  Tell me what you think.  Reccomend someone awesome and similar.  Reccomend someone awesome and totally dissimilar because you think my musical taste sucks, (and it does, I freely admit this).  Garble at me in Klingon.  Just say something.
• DO.  NOT.  Screw with the Gmail account.  Don't delete things from it, don't use it as your own, don't send yourself invitations from it.  Log in, download what you like, log out.  Easy.  (If you really want a Gmail account, ask (nicely) and ye shall recieve.  Jeez.)
• Request things.  (Yeah, I know, like that's really ever a problem.)  HOWEVER!  You can only have three items in the request queue at once, and you can only request mp3s.  See the rules on requesting for how exactly I'm running this part of the show.
SUPPORT.  THE.  ARTISTS.    'Kay?  You should delete the mp3s after 24 hours, and I think we all know how often that happens.  But SUPPORT THEM ANYWAY.  Buy their albums so they can feed their chihuahuas.  You want links?  I give you links.  An asterix means I've used 'em personally.
Amazon.com* - Good for Western artists, the big Jrockers, i.e. Gackt, Dir en grey, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Miyavi.  You know 'em.
Yesasia.com* - Good for Jrock, Krock, Jpop, Kpop, Cpop.  Has a pretty durn huge selection, but not much in the way of indies.  Free shipping over $39.
CDJapan* - Good for Jrock, Jpop. Has a bigger selection of indies, but nothing obscure.
Third Stage* - Good for Jrock, new and used, tons of obscure/rare/indie CDs.  Takes IPMOs and cash in yen.
Guruguru - Good for Jrock, new and used, obscure/rare/indie CDs.  Site in Japanese with English ordering instructions.  Takes IPMOs and cash in yen.
HMV - Good for Jrock and some indies-ish stuff, has an English site.  Shipping is expensive but FAST.
J-XYZ - Good for select Jrock, has indies. Also has loads of magazines, not that has anything to  do with anything here.
Jpop House - Good for Jrock, Jpop, lots of crazy merchendise stuff.  Ships from US.
Nippon Export - Good for Jrock, Jpop, new & used, a certain amount of indie artists, site in English, French, Japanese.  ACCEPTS CREDIT CARDS, YAY.
If you know of any others, (or even ones to avoid), I'd love to hear about 'em.  Just drop a comment.
• And finally, don't be a twerp.  Be cool, honey-bunny.  We're all about layin' down some groovy jams, not starting jive here, you dig?  *puts on beret and dark glasses*  *snaps*  Yeeeeeeah, baby, tha's what I'm talkin' 'bout. </beatnik> :D

>>>> r e q u e s t s :
or,  y o u   c a n   s o m e t i m e s   g e t   w h a t   y o u   w a n t
This place needs requests to run, because I'm big on, like, A Government For The People with Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably-Priced Love and A Hard-Boiled Egg for All, you choose the music we play thing.  So.  Request away.  Leave a comment on the [ R E Q U E S T   E N T R Y ] (it's f-locked, by the way; join first) with what you want.  Just make sure you read the rules:
• You can only request mp3s off the request list.  I'm not going hunting for you.
• You can only request three items at a time.

If you want to circumvent the aforementioned restrictions, (i.e., get more than three mp3s at a go, or get a video file off me), we can do a trade. Trades are pretty much always open -- just leave a comment on the request entry with what you want and either a link to your media list, or what you're offering in exchange.  (Equal trades, yo.  Mp3s for mp3s, 150 MB videos for equally huge monstrosities.)  I'll upload trades wherever you want -- Yousendit, Megaupload, Rapidshare, or even AIM, if it's not too huge and you can deal with my extremely slow connection. The only thing I'm not down with is sharing entire albums or discographies at a go.  Everything else is fair game.

*If you get what I'm referring to here, stfu, it's not like makes any sense in English, either.

>>>> o h  a n d :
or,  a l l   t h e   s t u f f   t h a t   d i d n ' t   g e t   c o v e r e d   u p   t h e r e
• "Metaphor Mix"?
          It's a joke, son. (Albeit a pretty lame one.)  I'm a writer.  Occasionally a sickeningly well-behaved one.  The story goes that I mix my metaphors to Rebel and Give the Finger to The Man, (see the journal subtitle).  And obviously a mix is ... you know, a mix.  Remix.  Music thing.  So, tada, it is a Pune, or a Play on Words.  (LAAAAME.)
• Layout?
          Layout one features a vector I made of this picture of Ryuutarou, the vocalist of Plastic Tree, plus some scribbling with my Purposefully Bad Mouse Writing, and a vector of the Infamous Bone Wings from the Tremolo PV.  Don't take it.
• Promotion?
          Promote this community someplace, and I'll give you a cookie.  Or better yet, an mp3 of your choice.  (Just gimme a link to where you promoted.)  Use a banner if you like, or not if you don't.  (Dun direct link, please.)

• Affiliates?
          ♫ purachina_wings - a rotation by karayuquex and misaya, featuring Asian pop and rock
          ♫ poisonmp3s - a rotation by danmaku, featuring a variety of Jrock, Jpop and others.

          If you have a music rotation either on or off LJ and would like to do a link exchange, just kick me (or comment someplace, for prefrence) and I'll link you.

Congratulations if you made it through all of this.  I talk a lot, don't I?
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